10 May

Understanding Shakespeare by yourself

[ad] Having had my upbringing in Hindi-medium CBSE govt-schools, it was as late as Class XI that I heard of guys like Wordsworth or Keats. Yes, I had even heard of someone called Shakespeare; we had an extract of his from his play As you like it (Seven Ages, probably a speech by Jacques). Point is, I was as dumb about English as you can imagine anyone to be (for that matter, I have maintained the status). Somehow I went to Jadavpur University English Department. Since I did not have Bengali as a [Read more ...]
08 May

Who are you?

[ad] JU has this system called ‘tutorials’ under which a few students are assigned to a teacher, who would seek her out every Wednesday afternoon to slog through two boring hours of a ‘tutorial’ on a topic that the teacher would assign. We were told that the system is a borrowing form Oxbridge . I shall have something more to say about this system at some other place, but for the time being let’s focus on this charming anecdote. Each year, a new teacher is assigned to a new group of students. [Read more ...]