22 Aug

More of Identity Crisis

[ad] Long years back there was a time when the saying was ‘what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’. That age is gone. Alongside, the age of the Bengali ‘bada babu’ is also gone. The last batch when a few bongs got into IAS together has reached the fringes of senility. And when I look back at my own university and my own city I can see the reason why. Certainly, partly so. Maybe I will discuss them, but maybe some other time. I shall tell rather tell of an intersting event that happened [Read more ...]
08 May

Who are you?

[ad] JU has this system called ‘tutorials’ under which a few students are assigned to a teacher, who would seek her out every Wednesday afternoon to slog through two boring hours of a ‘tutorial’ on a topic that the teacher would assign. We were told that the system is a borrowing form Oxbridge . I shall have something more to say about this system at some other place, but for the time being let’s focus on this charming anecdote. Each year, a new teacher is assigned to a new group of students. [Read more ...]