02 Mar

Sixth Pay Commission cometh…

Long years back, there was this Russian physician called Pavlov. He really loved his dog. He was especially fond of feeding it. Being grandiose, he would ring the bell each time he would feed his dog. This went on for a long time. Soon, the dog, ever the intelligent creature, learnt what the bell meant – it meant food. The moment the bell would ring, he would know food has arrived.1

One fine day the Indian Government recalled the Russian. The particular problem of Sarkar was that there were too many working for them. Of course Sarkar and the people loved to have so many servants working for them. But when payday came, the Sarkar started to get Parkinson’s.2 So, Sarkar got its own bell, like the Russian. He gave it a fancy name – he called it some pay…pay…pay what..ah…Pay Commission! That’s right. Every ten years, he would need a new bell. So far he has bought five. Sarkar tells us he is getting the sixth one.

Now, Pay Commission is to the Babus what UPSC is to the civil service aspirants. And Pay Commission recommendation is like the UPSC final results. I recall a line from a short story I had read in my college years – “her name was like a summons to all my foolish blood”3. On the Budget Day the FM promised that the 6PC would bring out its award in about a month. Yeah, can you feel the blood rushing?

No, I don’t intend to bring out my own predictions. I would just like to point interested soul to a website that does a better job of tracking it. Go to:


  1. Stop. I was just joking. You can read the real story here.
  2. It’s not difficult to understand. Remember Amitabh Bachchan. Well, he was the Sarkar in one movie, and he started having Parkinson’s in another movie. The latter was on payday…Okay, that’s a PJ.
  3. Araby by James Joyce.

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