20 Apr

eGovernance in District Administration

Somehow the idea that you are not out of school never leaves you. So many attachments to cover. So many assignments to send in time. So many things to do….so this…so that. This present essay, titled ‘eGovernance in District Administration’ is a miserable fallout of one such endeavour, where I have tried to analyse some aspects of our District Administration. I shall quote from the ending paragraph of this essay, which shall also function as an introduction:

eGovernance proper starts with a proper understanding of its need. It shall be found in many places that computerization is being mistaken for eGovernance. There is no difference between MS Word and Godrej Prima unless you add an email engine. MS Word is the digitisation part; email engine is the System process reengineering part – the first is just cosmetic without the latter.

This is also the right place to give a definition of eGovernance so that one can appreciate what I am writing on:

eGovernance is the use of electronic and computing media connected through a networked architecture to, primarily, better perform traditional government functions, and secondarily, to perform those functions of modern governance that could not have been achieved otherwise in the tradition format.

Just in case you are wondering, this is my definition, and you won’t find it anywhere else. Hope it helps. You can read this full essay here.


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