05 Mar

Cricket season comes to an end


Cricket Ball India is a cricket crazed country. And we few students of the English Department are a cricket grazed group. No one in the whole university played (this year) as much as we did. Ever since September 2001, this game has provided us constant entertaining and satisfying engagement. And alas, the season comes to an end now. Yet, even as the game leaves from our midst, the promise of another glorious season hangs before us- just some more months.

Yes, we really had a very nice time this winter. We got our own cricket gear (a bat, three stumps and bails), and we bought more than half a dozen balls. On many days we played for more than four-five hours. Every afternoon was spent in regrouping, and then off we went to the ground. We played many matches. We lost two. The most important match with the Economics Department went for a tie, and that hurt us most- we had lost in our previous encounter the year last. We will carry this regret that we could not beat them. But then again, optimism pays. There’s a next time. Always.

As far as I was concerned, cricket certainly was the chief attraction (apart from a certain poetess in my class). The teachers who never saw us in their classes inevitably saw us shadow playing with the bat in the balconies. The whole department would know us by our gear. So much so that one of our mates immortalized us by writing about the exploits of the cricket team in a wall magazine. Long live cricket, and love live our robust endeavour to add some sparkle to the otherwise dull academic life of the department.


The location of our cricket ground

I would take this opportunity to say thanks to my buddies by naming them. Thank you.

Debsena Banerjee
Amaru Mandal
Avijit Chakraborty
Ajay Singh
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