20 Apr

eGovernance in District Administration

eGovernance proper starts with a proper understanding of its need. It shall be found in many places that computerization is being mistaken for eGovernance. There is no difference between MS Word and Godrej Prima unless you add an email engine. MS Word is the digitization part; email engine is the System process reengineering part – the first is just cosmetic without the latter.

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25 Mar

Macaulay’s ‘Minute on Education’

[ad] In this article I have tried to explain in a historical context what Macaulay's Minute on Education has come to mean to modern India. While it is much larger than the Preamble to the Constitution of India, this is arguably the shortest written document that has had so far reaching effects on the future. If today India has the largest English speaking population and is riding on the wave of IT and ITES, a large part of the fortunate credit goes to this document about which not many might be aware. [Read more ...]
25 Mar

What’s the matter, Babu?

[ad] There are many words in and out of the dictionary that are used with a certain passion, while their exact meaning remain confined to the pages of the dictionary. There are various categories of such words. Some sound sophisticated - raunchy, intrepid, serendipity. Some are just fashionable - fag, dude, anti-Semitism, imperialism. Some, with the passage of time, attain layers of grime and ignorance, and through a process of Semantical acrobatics (that's a new word that I am trying to 'coin'; [Read more ...]
21 Dec

One year of Virgin Endeavour

[ad] It was on January 1, 2001 that the website called Virgin Endeavour was first uploaded to the Internet. One whole year of online presence that meant a lot: the first in my class to have a website of my own, the first among all acquaintances to have a website of his own…. Pride. A particular self-belief. A message. And lots of satisfaction. So what did I gain? There are many things in life which you do not do for any tangible material benefit. Love. Laugh. Play. Spend quality time. Read. Enjoy [Read more ...]