20 Oct

Shit! There’s too much shit around!

Shit! That's what I wondered when I looked out, for the nth time, from the window of the Delhi Kalka morning Shatabdi. Trips to Delhi has been a little frequent lately, and wife is happier consequently [don't think otherwise! Wifey stays in Delhi, and she is happy to find me frequenter there]. Mostly, on my way back to the hills, I catch the Shatabdi. That brings me to the issue of shit. India has the second largest population in the world, and soon we may be numero uno. Consequently, we shit [Read more ...]
25 Mar

Macaulay’s ‘Minute on Education’

[ad] In this article I have tried to explain in a historical context what Macaulay's Minute on Education has come to mean to modern India. While it is much larger than the Preamble to the Constitution of India, this is arguably the shortest written document that has had so far reaching effects on the future. If today India has the largest English speaking population and is riding on the wave of IT and ITES, a large part of the fortunate credit goes to this document about which not many might be aware. [Read more ...]
25 Mar

What’s the matter, Babu?

[ad] There are many words in and out of the dictionary that are used with a certain passion, while their exact meaning remain confined to the pages of the dictionary. There are various categories of such words. Some sound sophisticated - raunchy, intrepid, serendipity. Some are just fashionable - fag, dude, anti-Semitism, imperialism. Some, with the passage of time, attain layers of grime and ignorance, and through a process of Semantical acrobatics (that's a new word that I am trying to 'coin'; [Read more ...]
17 Apr

Whither Social Harmony?

Education has been held up as a single panacea for all social ills. The championing of education, with valid merit in most cases, is universal and profound. The many advantages and the many positive externalities make education seem like the single shining point of light in the midst of gross societal chaos. In India it has taken curious routes - this championing of education - and the following random points are mere pointers at the total chaos in our understanding of this phenomenon: The value [Read more ...]
12 Apr

Wardi se panga : What I think is wrong with the men in uniform

As a part of our training we have what is popularly called 'Bharat Darshan'. Bharat Darshan is a romantic experience, a part of popular myth among those who have done it, a source of inspiration and fantasy for those who aspire. It is an occasion that takes you across the length and breadth of the country much beyond the tourist circuit - here you get to see how the tribals live, how the villages work, how the army secures the border, how the big MNCs function, and much more, and during these travails [Read more ...]