15 Jun

End the IAS : Part II

This is the second part of a three-part series of articles written in response to Mihir S Sharma's article titled 'End the IAS' ____________________________________________ Sharma makes two other charges that are related. He says that, firstly, IAS officers are generalists, lack knowledge, and therefore, secondly, make blunders. He further corroborates that he seldom pays for those blunders. One additional consequence of such generalist experience is the lack of innovation that besets our [Read more ...]
13 Jun

End the IAS : Is it a solution?

"By whatever constitution India may be ruled, no government will be able to 'do without District Officer" - (Simon Commission Report, 1928) "End the IAS" - Mihir S Sharma This article is a searching response to another article by Sharma that said that the IAS must go. The article appeared on June 5, 2015, in Business Standard.   ____________________________________ PART I   The IAS is akin to the top management of an impossibly large and complex entity called [Read more ...]
17 Apr

Whither Social Harmony?

Education has been held up as a single panacea for all social ills. The championing of education, with valid merit in most cases, is universal and profound. The many advantages and the many positive externalities make education seem like the single shining point of light in the midst of gross societal chaos. In India it has taken curious routes - this championing of education - and the following random points are mere pointers at the total chaos in our understanding of this phenomenon: The value [Read more ...]
21 Mar

Saurabh Kalia and the martyred men – in search of justice?

Quite a few days back I got an email from a former classmate presently working in Hyderabad in a company called Google. It was one of those chain mails that keep crossing the cyberspace defying all laws of physics - there is no kinetic friction to slow down the messages. I am reproducing the message for your reading pleasure: Being an Indian, I request you to read this mail to the end... Lt.Saurabh Kalia of 4 JAT Regiment of the Indian Army laid down his life at the young age of 22 for the nation [Read more ...]
14 Mar

Justice denied

One primary premise of jurisprudence is that just not only should justice be done, it should be 'seen' to have been done. Unfortunately, often what passes of as legal justice is a travesty - this is true as much of India that comes burdened with a billion strong population and a colonial baggage, as of USA where the kangaroo court at Gitmo Bay gives ammunition for all lovers of liberty. And this travesty of justice comes to focus all the more in the recent acquittal of the murderers of model Jessica [Read more ...]