20 Oct

Shit! There’s too much shit around!

Shit! That's what I wondered when I looked out, for the nth time, from the window of the Delhi Kalka morning Shatabdi. Trips to Delhi has been a little frequent lately, and wife is happier consequently [don't think otherwise! Wifey stays in Delhi, and she is happy to find me frequenter there]. Mostly, on my way back to the hills, I catch the Shatabdi. That brings me to the issue of shit. India has the second largest population in the world, and soon we may be numero uno. Consequently, we shit [Read more ...]
22 Aug

More of Identity Crisis

[ad] Long years back there was a time when the saying was ‘what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’. That age is gone. Alongside, the age of the Bengali ‘bada babu’ is also gone. The last batch when a few bongs got into IAS together has reached the fringes of senility. And when I look back at my own university and my own city I can see the reason why. Certainly, partly so. Maybe I will discuss them, but maybe some other time. I shall tell rather tell of an intersting event that happened [Read more ...]
22 Aug

Identity Crisis of an Alumnus

[ad] STOP. For an instant, take in this information: When you search for “jadavpur university alumni” on Google, you get this. When you search for “alumni association of jadavpur university” on Google, you get this. When you search for “how do i become a member of jadavpur university alumni association” on Google, you get this. If you have got the drift of my endeavour, I am trying to learn how to become a member of the Alumni Association of Jadavpur University. I will assume the [Read more ...]
26 Apr

Plagiarism Unlimited

One wonders what is the difference between inspiration and plagiarism - I mean, I certainly do one of these two all the time. For instance just today I thought of making a poster for the forthcoming Sports Day for Phase I, and I thought of playing with the words 'Go Play'. If you remember, they come from Diet Pepsi advert that would come on screens not much long ago. Somehow, I seem to like this one. Lately I have come to realize that I am liking making posters too much. Perhaps I should stop being [Read more ...]
18 Apr

Call of Duty

Many of the people in civil services suffer from a handicap. These people have seen little of professional life, seem less of private sector jobs, and seen only a few of joining letters. I hail from such a group, old and crusty and yet immature in the world of jobs, of interviews and group discussions. Regardless, however, most people fantasize about a their joyous jubilation at the reception of the joining letter, or fondness for the golden crest they imagine, the crisp and thick page, the neat [Read more ...]