05 Mar

Cricket season comes to an end

[ad] India is a cricket crazed country. And we few students of the English Department are a cricket grazed group. No one in the whole university played (this year) as much as we did. Ever since September 2001, this game has provided us constant entertaining and satisfying engagement. And alas, the season comes to an end now. Yet, even as the game leaves from our midst, the promise of another glorious season hangs before us- just some more months. Yes, we really had a very nice time this winter. [Read more ...]
05 Mar

Winning the gold

[ad] I have consistently maintained that life, especially academic life, is getting the tougher as I tread my way forward in life. I passed my Secondary as a topper from a school which had about 350 students, and my batchmates numbered a mere 26. Of course, such a feat was no feat at all. Then I was off to St. Xavier's, one of the premier colleges of the city, for my Higher Secondary. Toppers from all schools and students better than me by far crowded around me. While the real reason of my miserable [Read more ...]
16 Feb

St. Valentine without Valentine

[ad] One of the earliest mention of St. Valentine in serious literature comes in Chaucer's Parliament of fowls, back in 15th century. In that book two types of lovers are mentioned- the honourable, steadfast lover who would rather die than have anyone other than his one and only love (the tercel eagles in Chaucer's tale); and the smaller, realistic cocks and fowls who are always eager to find a quick way around the problems (if any), or switch their attention to some other desirable recipient faced [Read more ...]
15 Feb

Calcutta book-fair 2002 – old wine in new bottle

[ad] Calcutta Book Fair is a very queer phenomenon. In times of receding book culture, this fair has brought multitudes to the milieu of books, and smiles to the faces of writers and publishers. One is surprised at how popular this annual event has become. One needs no statistics that outside the serious student who customarily visits the College Street, and the rare casual book reader who buys one or two, the books hardly receive any patronage. And yet come the end of January, and the Maidan air [Read more ...]
01 Jan

Ajay Singh: A Tribute

[ad] This article was specially written by Nikhilesh for Recurring Decimal, the JU English departmental wall magazine. Nikhilesh was the editor of Recurring Decimal. Copyright, presumably, belongs to Nikhilesh. Ranjitsingh ji, Duleepsinhji, Ajay Singhji ... how easy it would be to believe I was writing on another cricketer in that same illustrious line. But Ajay Singh, a student of our department between 1999-2001, is in no way connected to the great Ranji. Although, watching him bat in a cricket [Read more ...]