25 Mar

What’s the matter, Babu?

[ad] There are many words in and out of the dictionary that are used with a certain passion, while their exact meaning remain confined to the pages of the dictionary. There are various categories of such words. Some sound sophisticated - raunchy, intrepid, serendipity. Some are just fashionable - fag, dude, anti-Semitism, imperialism. Some, with the passage of time, attain layers of grime and ignorance, and through a process of Semantical acrobatics (that's a new word that I am trying to 'coin'; [Read more ...]
27 Apr

Hindi versus English

[ad] Poetry has its many facets, many motives, and many inspirations. We shall deal with them later when we have time. Suffice it to say that poetry, much of the time, is an expression that waits to be expressed. It's like poetry writes itself through you - you are just the vehicle. Much like the Muse does the writing through the pen of the poet. There can be many disputes about what can be the right language for poetry. Even today, the first day of this website, I had something of a debate with [Read more ...]