18 Jul

Aadhaar : A Concept Note

The conceptual framework of Aadhaar The state has to reach its citizens for various reasons. It needs to provide the citizens with services, and even products at times (in the form grant of physical items). It needs to provide the citizens with information and knowledge to lead a better life. Most democratic states today function as welfare states, and the functions and responsibilities entailing upon the states have seen a large increase over the last two centuries – functions that were considered [Read more ...]
30 Mar

Can I have two Aadhaar numbers?

No. An Aadhaar number is unique. The uniqueness works two ways, as I explained in So, what is so unique about Aadhaar: I and only I have that artifact, and no one else – no two person has the same artifact (an artifact can be anything to identify me – a name, number, visual/barcode, etc). The artifact belongs to me and I have no other artifact – no person has more than one artifact. One can apply/enroll multiple times - however, since the Aadhaar number is issued against the [Read more ...]
30 Mar

Sakshi Dhoni ko gussa kyon aata hai?

सवाल है, साक्षी धोनी को गुस्सा क्यों आता है? If you are the reading type, you would have come across this news: cricketer Mahinder Singh Dhoni goes to a Aadhaar shop to get his Aadhaar updated. The operator clicks a photo to capture his famous moment, and posts it online. He (presumably) clicks a photo of the online application of the update screen and shares with [...] and it reaches his company HQ (in this case, a Govt. body [Read more ...]
29 Mar

So, what is so unique about Aadhaar?

When we have less number of people, we can remember people from their names and faces. We still do, like inside our home. We may know the names and faces of a few more, outside our homes. But then humans have a way of increasing their numbers, and we have too many of them now. Today (2017), the estimated population of India is around 134 crores (1340 million). And how big are the India states? Well, Economist has done a wonderful study, and the results are instructive (click the population tab [Read more ...]
15 Jun

Your biometric hardly matches

I touch you now and then, Over a cold glass door. Moist, Now and a little dry when The cold rushes past, cracks On my hand. Then there are the scratches, As I dig through clods of earth. Moist, Now and a little dry when The dry wind rushes, cracks On my land. You say, why do you have scratches? Your biometric hardly matches, Go now and come back in a week, Put some Nivea lotion if you want, Smooth your fingers with some magic trick. My land is drier [Read more ...]