12 Apr

Back to basics

Author - Overlooking Happy ValleyIt is a fact universally accepted that an act is done much easier if someone else does it for you. Web design and maintenance falls in the same category. How better it would be if a webmaster did not have to worry about mastering the web, if he could be just sitting and adding content! Blogs arose with the same intention, separating content from design and freeing the author from worries of the latter. But lo, in being a good author, the webmaster has stopped being the master. As a necessary corollary to freedom from design, arose the fact that you lost control over design. That font is not quite right! I wish the icon for ’email’ was a little different! I wish I could mend that CSS and that template! Well, with a blog, you just pine if you are not that technically adept. Being a webdesigner, webmaster and writer myself, I traversed all these funny emotions between the blog and the designed-website. Finally, I realize that writing is so much more fun if I leave my designer self behind. And being a webmaster, when you don’t understand half the things, and when all the things go wrong because you don’t know half the things…well, then, you go crazy. I have gone crazy many times. I have fulminated, and then ping-ponged between being a writer once and designer next. So, after more than a year of hibernation that saw much in my personal life, I add something to my blog again. I hope, like the numerous earlier times when I hoped similary but with equally dismal outcomes, that I would write more regularly. Going by my past record, it is hard to believe myself….