02 Mar

Sixth Pay Commission cometh…

[ad] Long years back, there was this Russian physician called Pavlov. He really loved his dog. He was especially fond of feeding it. Being grandiose, he would ring the bell each time he would feed his dog. This went on for a long time. Soon, the dog, ever the intelligent creature, learnt what the bell meant - it meant food. The moment the bell would ring, he would know food has arrived.1 One fine day the Indian Government recalled the Russian. The particular problem of Sarkar was that there were [Read more ...]
08 Jan

My First Panorama Picture

[ad] [Click on the image above to open Full Resolution image in New Window] [ad] Of course cadre means everything to an All India Service officer. Well, almost. Like what sort of bungalow you shall live in. How many ardalies shall call out your name, or whether any at all. What kind of wife you will find yourself with, and I don't mean Homo sapiens sapiens. So, when I knew, or when I was told that I would be getting Himachal cadre (the latter of which was much earlier - apprehension dawned much [Read more ...]
22 Aug

More of Identity Crisis

[ad] Long years back there was a time when the saying was ‘what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow’. That age is gone. Alongside, the age of the Bengali ‘bada babu’ is also gone. The last batch when a few bongs got into IAS together has reached the fringes of senility. And when I look back at my own university and my own city I can see the reason why. Certainly, partly so. Maybe I will discuss them, but maybe some other time. I shall tell rather tell of an intersting event that happened [Read more ...]
22 Aug

Identity Crisis of an Alumnus

[ad] STOP. For an instant, take in this information: When you search for “jadavpur university alumni” on Google, you get this. When you search for “alumni association of jadavpur university” on Google, you get this. When you search for “how do i become a member of jadavpur university alumni association” on Google, you get this. If you have got the drift of my endeavour, I am trying to learn how to become a member of the Alumni Association of Jadavpur University. I will assume the [Read more ...]
09 Jun


[ad] We came close only to move away. Our fingers stopped to tear with only the last petal, Clinging, limp, to the stalk .Dark red, forlorn. Though the conclusion was known , we didn’t conclude. I see you at the stand, my window stopping in front of you. The light goes red, perfect timing? Still, our eyes don’t meet. For once, I didn’t chant that silent prayer which always made you catch my eye. Do you call this getting along with life? Poet: Abhijit Chakraborty Dated: 8th June, 2006, Kolkata [ad] [Read more ...]