15 Jun

Your biometric hardly matches

I touch you now and then, Over a cold glass door. Moist, Now and a little dry when The cold rushes past, cracks On my hand. Then there are the scratches, As I dig through clods of earth. Moist, Now and a little dry when The dry wind rushes, cracks On my land. You say, why do you have scratches? Your biometric hardly matches, Go now and come back in a week, Put some Nivea lotion if you want, Smooth your fingers with some magic trick. My land is drier [Read more ...]
15 Jun

End the IAS : Part II

This is the second part of a three-part series of articles written in response to Mihir S Sharma's article titled 'End the IAS' ____________________________________________ Sharma makes two other charges that are related. He says that, firstly, IAS officers are generalists, lack knowledge, and therefore, secondly, make blunders. He further corroborates that he seldom pays for those blunders. One additional consequence of such generalist experience is the lack of innovation that besets our [Read more ...]
13 Jun

End the IAS : Is it a solution?

"By whatever constitution India may be ruled, no government will be able to 'do without District Officer" - (Simon Commission Report, 1928) "End the IAS" - Mihir S Sharma This article is a searching response to another article by Sharma that said that the IAS must go. The article appeared on June 5, 2015, in Business Standard.   ____________________________________ PART I   The IAS is akin to the top management of an impossibly large and complex entity called [Read more ...]