20 Oct

Shit! There’s too much shit around!

Shit! That's what I wondered when I looked out, for the nth time, from the window of the Delhi Kalka morning Shatabdi. Trips to Delhi has been a little frequent lately, and wife is happier consequently [don't think otherwise! Wifey stays in Delhi, and she is happy to find me frequenter there]. Mostly, on my way back to the hills, I catch the Shatabdi. That brings me to the issue of shit. India has the second largest population in the world, and soon we may be numero uno. Consequently, we shit [Read more ...]
11 Oct

Choice posting

The Personnel departments in most states, and the Centre, are a dreadful lot. Much like Finance, a posting there ruffles more features than it soothes. However, the aura of power of these departments draw the sturdy lot to them. The Personnel department controls much of the professional lives of the IAS officers. And most important, in the context of the states, is that they control the postings - or so they say. In reality, it may be that the Personnel just approves what others, including the political [Read more ...]