26 Apr

Plagiarism Unlimited

One wonders what is the difference between inspiration and plagiarism - I mean, I certainly do one of these two all the time. For instance just today I thought of making a poster for the forthcoming Sports Day for Phase I, and I thought of playing with the words 'Go Play'. If you remember, they come from Diet Pepsi advert that would come on screens not much long ago. Somehow, I seem to like this one. Lately I have come to realize that I am liking making posters too much. Perhaps I should stop being [Read more ...]
18 Apr

Call of Duty

Many of the people in civil services suffer from a handicap. These people have seen little of professional life, seem less of private sector jobs, and seen only a few of joining letters. I hail from such a group, old and crusty and yet immature in the world of jobs, of interviews and group discussions. Regardless, however, most people fantasize about a their joyous jubilation at the reception of the joining letter, or fondness for the golden crest they imagine, the crisp and thick page, the neat [Read more ...]
17 Apr

Whither Social Harmony?

Education has been held up as a single panacea for all social ills. The championing of education, with valid merit in most cases, is universal and profound. The many advantages and the many positive externalities make education seem like the single shining point of light in the midst of gross societal chaos. In India it has taken curious routes - this championing of education - and the following random points are mere pointers at the total chaos in our understanding of this phenomenon: The value [Read more ...]
12 Apr

Wardi se panga : What I think is wrong with the men in uniform

As a part of our training we have what is popularly called 'Bharat Darshan'. Bharat Darshan is a romantic experience, a part of popular myth among those who have done it, a source of inspiration and fantasy for those who aspire. It is an occasion that takes you across the length and breadth of the country much beyond the tourist circuit - here you get to see how the tribals live, how the villages work, how the army secures the border, how the big MNCs function, and much more, and during these travails [Read more ...]
12 Apr

Back to basics

It is a fact universally accepted that an act is done much easier if someone else does it for you. Web design and maintenance falls in the same category. How better it would be if a webmaster did not have to worry about mastering the web, if he could be just sitting and adding content! Blogs arose with the same intention, separating content from design and freeing the author from worries of the latter. But lo, in being a good author, the webmaster has stopped being the master. As a necessary corollary [Read more ...]