09 Jun


[ad] We came close only to move away. Our fingers stopped to tear with only the last petal, Clinging, limp, to the stalk .Dark red, forlorn. Though the conclusion was known , we didn’t conclude. I see you at the stand, my window stopping in front of you. The light goes red, perfect timing? Still, our eyes don’t meet. For once, I didn’t chant that silent prayer which always made you catch my eye. Do you call this getting along with life? Poet: Abhijit Chakraborty Dated: 8th June, 2006, Kolkata [ad] [Read more ...]
07 Jun

?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??..

?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ??,
???, ????? ?? ????? ??
?? ??? ?? ????? ?? ???,
???? ??? ??? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????? ???
?? ????? ?? ???? ?? ???????? ??
?? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???

English transliteration follows:

Aj marane kA din AyA hai,
chalo, chubhate is kahAnI ko
Aj dil se nikAl hI dUM,
kyA KxAKx rakhI hai do gaz ki jawAnI me?
Ao miTakar Ko jAeM Aj jahAnnum me
Aj marane kA din AyA hai|

Dated: 7th June, 2006. Bangalore.

02 Jun

Enjoy? What Enjoy?

[ad] Sometime during my PG years when the semester system had not yet been introduced, a student-teacher session regarding change in syllabi was held at the old location of the departmental library. People sat in various positions. Vociferous pitches were made by many as to why one text should be removed and another introduced. It was a long session and lively one at that. I watched with much interest and amusement as one after another made his or her presentation. At the end the teachers, especially [Read more ...]