17 Mar

The dead soul creeping

Oh yes, the dead soul creeps into you oftentimes, Like the viper slithering on the rough bark And pounces on you when you are lease unaware. Or perhaps like the Orpheus walking back from the land of the dead, Floundering at the last step...no, no, not quite. Like the Orpheus that does not flounder But rips into your heart with the song of agony. You sigh, you cry, you pine, you whine, And dread of a lost life knocks you with the moonshine. And shipwrecked like a Crusoe you find yourself, Gulping [Read more ...]
14 Mar

Justice denied

One primary premise of jurisprudence is that just not only should justice be done, it should be 'seen' to have been done. Unfortunately, often what passes of as legal justice is a travesty - this is true as much of India that comes burdened with a billion strong population and a colonial baggage, as of USA where the kangaroo court at Gitmo Bay gives ammunition for all lovers of liberty. And this travesty of justice comes to focus all the more in the recent acquittal of the murderers of model Jessica [Read more ...]