19 Jan

Sanskriti 2002- witnessing a spectacle

[ad] The college fest (or University, or faculty fest) that is held at Jadavpur University is, perhaps, unlike any other. Unfortunately one cannot use words of high praise while describing this fest, which is rather unique for some unfortunate reasons. While in other college fests the student attendance increase, here at JU, it decreases. Reasons could be many, and my guesses would include: In Jadavpur University at least three fests are organised by the three faculties in the University - all [Read more ...]
12 Jan

My convocation at Jadavpur University

[ad] When I was not even ten years old my favourite song was 'Papa kehte hain' from the film Qayamat se Qayamat tak. In this film which created waves among the youth, this particular song was favourite with many, putting into words the aspirations and dreams, as well as the apprehensions of the youth at the threshold of adulthood and responsibility. Aamir Khan, in his first film, sings the song on the occasion of his graduation party. While it would be so much worthwhile to quote not only the lyrics [Read more ...]
01 Jan

Ajay Singh: A Tribute

[ad] This article was specially written by Nikhilesh for Recurring Decimal, the JU English departmental wall magazine. Nikhilesh was the editor of Recurring Decimal. Copyright, presumably, belongs to Nikhilesh. Ranjitsingh ji, Duleepsinhji, Ajay Singhji ... how easy it would be to believe I was writing on another cricketer in that same illustrious line. But Ajay Singh, a student of our department between 1999-2001, is in no way connected to the great Ranji. Although, watching him bat in a cricket [Read more ...]